Posting from Salt Lake City, China yesterday. You can’t see the mountains surrounding the valley from the city, and you can only see the outlines of buildings from the university hospital looking down. Breathing in particulates sucks, and the state is slow to act even though the EPA has demanded we bring our valley into attainment under the Clean Air Act. Under the state’s implementation plan (SIP), industries in the valley such as the Tesoro refinery are allowed to actually increase emissions over the next ten years. Makes sense, right?

You can avoid some chemicals by eating organic food, but that’s not an option for everyone. Besides, even that doesn’t address issues involving heavy metals or salmonella or god knows what else in our food supply. These are environmental problems, and one governmental responsibility on which everyone ought to agree is that environmental problems should be regulated until they’re solved.

Mark Bittman, Dietary Advice for Gluttony Season

Despite mounting evidence of its catastrophic effects, world leaders seem unable to deal with the crisis.

One reason for that is the politicisation of climate science itself, with some groups trying to undermine the consensus among experts about global warming and its effects.